A helping hand for more accurate and quicker diagnosis

SentireAI is an artificial intelligence-based emotion, mood, and personality trait recognition and reporting application. We aim to help psychologists with diagnosis by analyzing and documenting possible sudden emotional changes that may be unnoticed during the sessions. With the help of machine learning, we are providing a tool that may catch sudden changes in emotions, which makes this application an advisory material for psychologists.

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Innovative Design

Sentire AI has a modern and innovative design influence by stars.

Reporting Features

With pdf reports, you can view the session information in detail.

PDF Reports

Save pdf reports to cloud, or export & share for further inspection.

Cloud Backup

Free upload to & retrive from the cloud for multi device access and backup.

Real Time Recognition*

Real-time recognition provides a fast and continuous analysis.

New Features

Continuous development and monthly added features.

Our team

A great project comes from a great team!

Özden Gürsoy

Co. Founder

Oğuzhan Kadaifçiler

Co. Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us!

Can I use this application for treatment of a disorder or for diagnosis?

Sentire AI aims only to asist psychologist for a more accurate and advanced diagnosis. It should not be used instead of approved psychological tests. It can be also used for fun.

Do I have to have an SentireAI account to use the application?

No, you can use the application as an anonymous user. Moreover, if you do not have an account, you can create one, or you can sign-in via email or via Google.

How can I create a SentireAI account?

Open the application. Click "Sign-up", which is located at the bottom of the sign-in page. Fill in your information and click the sign-up button below to create your account and continue with the application.

How can I get a pdf report of the session?

You can get a pdf report at the end of each session. In order to have a pdf report, you should start the session, and end it manually. Session does not start by default, the user has to start it. To start/end a session, click on the red circular button (with camera icon). When you end the session by clicking this button, you will have a notification that asks " Would you like to see or save the report?" If you would like to get the report, you should click "Yes"!

Is Sentire AI app free?

Yes it is :) We hope to keep it free for as long as possible.